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The Taming of the Shrew

The Euro Class : 1ES2, 1S3 and 1L have given birth to their play: The Taming of the Shrew ! This play was first written by William Shakespeare, but in 2019, it was rewritten by the famous authors of the 1ES2, 1S3 and 1L. It was directed and supervised by our English teacher, Estelle Windsor. The play will take place on 6th and 7th of June in 2019.

  • This new version of The Taming of the Shrew bring to light Flaubert’s finest

The   Taming   of the Shrew is about a father, Baptista, who’s looking for a husband for his shrewish daughter, Katherine. Katherine is sharp-tongued, moody and disobedient. Baptista has also an another daughter, Bianca, who behaves basically like an angel. However, there are many twists and turns !

You’ll find out what it is when you come to see the play !

  • Wr i t i n g w a s m y favorite part but acting is a good way t o express yourself and to be more confident

T h e 6 m a i n characters will be played by different students, boys and girls. The show will come with props and costumes which will be funny and creative. The actors will wear awful makeup just for your pleasure ! Songs will be added to the play. It is not a musical b u t  y o u  m a y b e surprised. The lights w i l l  e n l i g h t e n  t h e performance of our brightest comedians.

  • A  b r e a t h - t a k i n g performance

 Even though you may not know The Taming of the Shrew, o u r  d i r e c t o r  a n d casting have tried to make it simple and to adjust it to the modern world. So it’s not old fashioned ! You’ll be s u r p r i s e d  o f  w h a t we’ve come up with !

  •  This play was as good as expected from Flaubert’s finest !

As the audience, you are one the many things that we focus on. The whole idea of the play is to entertain you and to make you laugh. The goal is also to make you understand women’s place in society. As you are important to us, you’ll be expected to react in the play ! Give everything you have ! See you at the opening !


Clémence Lebourgeois