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Théâtre en anglais

Théatre en Anglais avec les 1ère Euro

Préparation du spectacle de fin d'année:

Notion de pouvoir à travers quelques oeuvres de W Shakespeare

E Windsor

Tout n'est une question de pouvoir! Guerre de gangs, duel, manipulation amoureuse ou plus musclée...

But all's well that ends with Shakespeare!

On vous attend JEUDI 1ER JUIN À MIDI ou VENDREDI 2 À 10H20 après la récré en SALLE POLYVALENTE

1ère EURO : Our play inspired by Shakespeare!
Our EURO class have worked really hard to present you this play which will take place on Thursday 1st June at 10:20 am and on Friday 2nd June ! Before you think It will be a boring play, you have to know that It's not a simple copy of a play by Shakespeare but It's several plays which have been restyled, such as the famous Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth or Much Ado About Nothing. All these plays show the different types of power that Shakespeare uses : fight, manipulation and the power of love. We have worked on these plays once a week since the beginning of the year, and more for the last few weeks: therefore, see how It's important for us to have an audience ! It's an original comic play which will last around 45minutes. So the play will begin with the presentation of Shakespeare ( take it easy! It won’t be a boring copy of Wikipedia, don’t worry); after that, you will attend Romeo & Juliet’s Brawl Scene  : the fake girls will face the bikers. Then you will see a torture scene. After a small commercial break, we will show you how to convince someone to kill the king or to take out the trash can... We'll finish with the best part, love power ! Boys, if you want to know how to hit on a girl, you really need our advice! But sometimes, it doesn’t work out quite well.. In Much Ado About Nothing, Beatrice and Benedick love quarrelling! A verbal joust is to fear over a gold fish... Finally, girls, get ready for the ball! You are all welcome! We hope that many of you will come. The end of the year is coming up, so let's have a good time together!

théâtre en anglais en 1 S1-SES

Presentation of the drama WORKSHOP: The theater project IS intended to expand our language skills and improve our pronunciation. It’s supervised by Mrs Windsor and it includes different classes. This show is about the different forms of power and is based on series, sketches or ads.

the S1-SES show

Our show is called Notions in motion. It is composed of four parts :

  1. The opening scene is the introduction of the play involving an argument between flatmates.  
  2. the first part: The ceremony of the best film adaptation which is based on real cult scenes from series. You must see this, it’s really interesting and funny!
  3. After that we have a domestic quarrel scene “Men have got the power”: This scene is is about who the power goes to in a couple.
  4. Then we have The best scenario with the first date. It is really hilarious and the actors of this scene are really great.

 To finish the first part we have a series of advertisements including the Zazoo scene and about the power of languages

The second part opens with the best actor and best actress award. Excellent!

Then we have a dubbed scene (inspired from Bollywood) Which is Indian actors dubbed by French actors or students.

After that we have THE song battle which opposes the girls (best actresses) and the boys(the funniest).

And to finish the best of the best: An individual song battle which will oppose Adrien to Henry.. Suspense!

We wish you a very pleasant moment watching our show. Enjoy and have fun!!

Clément, Antoine



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