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What is the euro class in Flaubert high School? 


Where is Flaubert High School?

Our school is located in the city of Rouen in Upper Normandy in the North of France . Rouen is a fast-growing developing city with various high schools and university sites. Flaubert High School lays on the northen area of Rouen , and almost looks like a campus on the outskirts of the city . It is one of  the largest schools in Normandy offering  a priviledged working environment to its students with lots of greenery round its buildings. 


Is the Euro class an option?

yes , it is .

Flaubert High School provides its pupils with  a wide range of  languages classes : the Euro section opened  in 1994  to offer its students the opportunity to learn more English from the Seconde to the Terminale ( from Year 11  to Upper Sixth form in the UK ). 

The Euro students will have more classes of English every week- on average 5 lessons of English and 1 lesson of History-Geography or Economic Sciences in English depending on the options they chose when they enter the curriculum in Seconde. 


Who is concerned by this euro class? 

Students who have a good level of English and in the main subjects like French , Maths , History , Science and who show motivation can join this class. 

 Apart from the usual teaching of languages , the students specialise in a subject that is taught in English such as History and Geography or Economic Sciences. These classes offer a clear insight of the  traditional curriculum .


How many more classes are there? 

Seconde, Première , Terminale

 Compared with the basic teaching in French high schools , the euro class has 

  • 2  extra hours of English classes per week 
  • 1 extra hour  of  History- Geography or Economic Sciences per week 

 The other subjects are taught  according the the French curriculums. 



What exams do you take to get the European section baccalauréat ? 


Your final exams will mention the Euro section if

- you obtain minimum 10/20 in your English written exam 

and if 

- you obtain minimum  12 /20  in your English oral on History-Geography or Economic Sciences options  .


Every year the Euro class students obtain excellent results in their   exams and usally get their baccalauréat ( A-levels ) with honours or distinction.

The Euro section is mentionned on the Baccaulauréat degree and is significant for the selection of students after the baccalauréat.


 What are the advantages of the Euro class? 

  •  you get a better learning of English ( lexical , pronunciation , oral and written skills )  
  • you have the opportunity to go abroad , to an an English- speaking country 
  • you can be in a good form among motivated pupils 
  • you  have a different vision of English 
  • you can have the Euro section mention on your diploma 


Why can it be difficult? 


  • A gool level of English is required 
  • Teachers can be more demanding 
  • Keeping motivation and good work can be hard 
  • Adapting to a new school and a new form can make you feel uncomfortable 
  • More work is required 
  • The timetable of the form will be busier as there are more lessons than in other forms
  • You must be active in class  and not be afraid of speaking English , of course! 



Mrs Bénard-Poy 

English Teacher 

Euro class 2°