1ère Euro (Mme Windsor)

2016 - 2017

Mannequin Challenge
Australian students at school for two months!

HOSTING AUSTRALIAN STUDENTS: What you have to know if you're hesitating to host an Australian student next year, you have to know: - that the status of penpal can quickly turn into the status of a real friend... - It's actually really funny to hear how French is difficult to speak for an Australian ! - You will probably never regret this experience ! - If you are as lucky as I was, you may pick the best penpal ever... Actually this experience has been amazing for me (even if It's I’m not the one who travelled...When I've asked to host an Australian student, I wasn't sure if I would get on well with her, but today I'm still talking to her, and maybe I will join her soon in Australia... ! Having Sasha as a guest was very pleasant, and I really miss her smile and good mood... Nishma Ambroise

short film festival (This IS England)

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Drama workshop